Plastics in the oceans are one of the biggest ecological threats of the planet. Every piece of plastic ever produced still sits somewhere, with a majority close to 80% actually in the oceans.

Plastics don't disappear.

Plastics disintegrate in smaller and smaller pieces, ending up in microplastics invisible to the human eye. These make their way to fish, birds and eventually the human body and from mother to foetus.

A lot of people and organisations are doing their bit to fight plastics in the oceans. From supermarkets reducing their packaging to organisations raising awareness, to people changing their habits, to innovative programmes to clean the ocean.

This website is my small contribution towards this huge effort.


Contribution rendered possible by joining a unique set of women at eXXpedition.







300 WOMEN.


eXXpedition round the world 2019-2021 is an all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission.


Over 38,000 nautical miles and 30 voyage legs starting and ending in the United Kingdom. 


The successive eXXpedition crews explore plastics and toxics in our ocean, via four of the five oceanic gyres and the arctic.

eXXpedition enables 300 women connected by a passion to protect our shared ocean, to go to sea and experience first hand the challenges we face from single-use plastics, while contributing to cutting-edge scientific research and solutions-based thinking.

'eXXpedition' Leg 4

This is exactly what this site is not about. Me.

It is about the awareness voyage I took part in when joining eXXpedition as a hands-on crew for a few days.

Voyage after voyage, another 299 incredible women are joining the eXXpedition round the world awareness trip.

I joined the 4th Voyage at the end of 2019, between Antigua and Aruba, via Bonaire.

This unique opportunity has inspired me in many ways and taken me on a new journey.

(Bio if needed)


And even more importantly what other ways I continue contributing as the ocean's maid through an action plan, talks, events and more.....

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